12-session course

Connection &

This 12-week course focuses on

how to be an authority figure that our kids feel safe speaking to about anything. We are not their friends; we are much more than that.

2-hour class

In this 2-hour class, we demystify and simplify an important tool in abuse prevention. Find out how to speak to your kids in order to protect them - not scare them or yourself!

Year-long series

In this 28-session series, we will learn how to parent our kids with a combination of love and discipline, not shame or guilt. Authority, respect AND connection? Now that's majesty!


Henchie Weinreb received her Masters of Social Work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York. In the U.S., Henchie worked as a school counselor for a religious day school through a program run by Agudath Israel. She currently lives in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel where she offers private parenting consultations over the phone or in person. Henchie also presents parenting series ranging in length from one month to one year. These classes can be attended in person, online through livestream, or watched at any time in the convenience of your own home. Please click on the  the "SERVICES" page, where you can book appointments, sign up for classes, and get more information about GetParentTools services.





Whether you have a newborn or a teenager, it's not too late to try and learn effective parenting ideas. Taking classes with loads of great information and varied tools and techniques makes parenting a more rewarding experience. You don't have to struggle on your own! For the relatively small price of a class, you get all the benefits of support, education and the power of the group to assist you in the most important job on the planet. 

You can host a series in your home, and get the entire series for FREE! Courses range from 3 months (12 sessions) to one year (28 - 32 sessions). For more info or to get started on hosting a series, click here and submit the form 

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Private consultations with Henchie can be done in person in RBS, Israel or on the phone from anywhere in the world! The fee for a one-hour session is 220 nis or $75 and is payable in cash, check or online through Paypal. A consultation means this is your space to bring up any questions or concerns you have regarding parenting your children, from baby to teen. To schedule your private consultation, submit the form by

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I've taken Henchie's classes for years and absolutely love them! The weekly classes gave me a chance to check in with myself to make sure that my parenting is on track, and increased my confidence in myself and my parenting. No parenting question is too big or small for Henchie; she provides parents with tools for raising great kids, while leaving room for "parenting-individuality". Strongly recommend her classes and workshops!

Aliza Sokol

"Your classes helped me realize that a setback, while troubling, does not undo years of good decisions."

Ariella Sudwerts

"Looking back at the year, all we can say is 'Wow!' You created a warm, comfortable environment in which all of us could grow...Each lesson was clear with practical examples...We were able to absorb the information so well because your words were from the heart...You have left a lasting impression on our hearts and minds that we deeply cherish." 

From the Balancing Bonding and Boundaries class 2016-17