Year long series - $325.00/980 Nis

This series has already been videotaped and is available online! You can view it at your own pace wherever and whenever is convenient for you! Simply click on the "SIGN UP TODAY" button below and find out how simple it is to gain access to all 28 sessions.

In this series, you'll learn about:

- How and why we use shame

- Vulnerability is necessary for parent-child connection and how we use this in healthy ways

- Responses to feeling overwhelmed or not what we "should be" as a parent

- Dealing with uncertainty ("But I don't know what to do!")

- Bad habits and our parental response

- Gaining cooperation

- Disobedience and fantastic, effective responses that build our kids and our connection to them

- How compassion and justice need each other in parenting

- Forgiveness and learning we are enough bring beautiful gifts