List of topics

Topics for a custom-designed course may include any of the following.  Suggestions for topics not included here are welcome, too!


Universal Topics

  • Understanding and Dealing with Power Struggles

  • Using Consequences as an Effective, Healthy Tool

  • Responding to Misbehavior in Ways that Teach and Build

  • Importance of Boundaries and How to Make Them

  • Teaching Respect

  • Inviting Cooperation

  • Creating an Emotionally Safe Environment

  • How Encouragement (Not Begging and Bribery) Can Be Super Powerful

  • Rules of Parenting that Lighten Our Load

  • Trusting Our Ability to Parent -- This Changes Everything!

  • Giving Kids Responsibility -- Why and How

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Effects of Shame and Why We Don’t Need It to Parent

  • Parenting with Brene Brown’s Principles of Whole-hearted Living

  • When Your Child Makes You Miserable (and You Feel So Guilty!)

  • Decrease Negative Attention-grabbing Behavior (e.g., whining)

  • Deal with Bullying for Both Bully and Victim

  • Increase Your Patience (“I always thought I’d talk nicely, but...”)

  • Teaching Honesty and Responding to Lying

Age-related Topics

  • Healthy Sleep Habits for Babies (CIO? Attachment parenting? Help!)

  • Toilet Training PLUS Accidents, Bed-wetting and Fear of Pooping on Toilet

  • Establishing Healthy Discipline at the Start (for parents of kids age 2 - 4)

  • Bedtime Routine for 2 - 6 Year Olds